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June 30th, 2016
Jun 28th, 2007

World Up, son!

we back and in mighty fine form…be on the lookout. word!?coming up…. BIRD FLU ..loving this video… we can’t wait to see what MIA drops next. her album is out August 21

Jul 12th, 2006

MegaTeuf Fire!!

Jshep dropped me her MegaTeuf Rap Français Mix last night…I don’t have any track names or artists but the mix is banging!now if i could only locate Justice!

Oct 9th, 2005

Our rights been stripped more ...

Our rights been stripped more than cars in the ghetto Originally uploaded by AnomalousNYC. Tamer and DAM crew reppin hard at our show on Wednesday. On friday we had dinner in Harlem at Martha’s place and there was a post dinner shake down cipher with DAM and 8 year old Joseph who was a Katrina ...

Sep 1st, 2005


I lived in Brasil for 2 years and have quite a bit to say and share but for today I’m just gonna share one thing. Curumin is an artist from São Paulo who has been in my heavy rotation for months. He mixes Hip Hop with Samba/Funk/Soul Quannum Projects is releasing his album stateside and ...